There are many ways to assist HSDC in its work, with donations of time, goods, or funds.

For details on volunteering, conducting donation drives, vehicle donations, and financial

donation options, see our How to Help page.

Report Card for First Year of Partnership

Much progress has been made over the past 12 months on the animal welfare front in Davie County thanks to the partnership between Davie County Animal Services (DCAS) and the Humane Society of Davie County (HSDC):

• Pet adoptions over the past 12 months totaled 628 (3 times what HSDC did alone)

• 528 local pets have been spayed or neutered through our clinic transport program

• Shelter euthanasia rate reached historic low in Davie County in May, 2018 of 18% overall

These positive outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the partnership. Our community can help HSDC and DCAS meet the challenges to keeping the euthanasia rate low:

• Remember that HSDC remains an independent non-profit organization and needs your support;

• Be responsible: spay or neuter your pets always; adopt, don’t shop, your next pet;

• Be generous: the good work done over the past year can continue only with your ongoing support. The partnership with DCAS means that HSDC is incurring three times the level of animal care expense as before, and funding needs to match that increase.

Please step up in the campaign to save more lives; call us at 336-751-5214 and ask how you can help. HSDC staff is on-site Tuesday - Friday, 11am to 4pm, and by appointment on Saturday. Thank you for your support.


HSDC hosts and participates in many community events in order to maximize exposure of our precious pets and broaden our community support. See HSDC next at:


HSDC offers a monthly spay/neuter clinic transport service to all local pet owners. On the second Wednesday of each month, a van from the Humane Society of the Piedmont in Greensboro comes to the adoption center

for pet pick-up.

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We welcome your help as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed to help feed, socialize, and exercise the pets as well as to help with cleaning chores.

Volunteer opportunities exist for both youth and adults. Foster homes are needed for special cases, such as pets needing medical care, newborn care, or highly stressed pets  that need a break from the adoption center environment.

For more information, contact the

Humane Society of Davie County

at 336-751-5214,


or visit the adoption center at

291 Eaton Road, Mocksville, NC 27028.

 We appreciate your interest!


Consider donating a dog or cat bed from Kuranda, specially made for

shelter environments.

See the Kuranda website at:

Find HSDC under Select Your Shelter.

Humane Society Of Davie County

Adoption Center hours are:

Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm and Saturday and weekday  evenings by apppointment only

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